DhineuHub is an advanced platform comprising DataHub for centralized data management, an Analytical Dashboard for real-time insights, and GeoAI for enhanced spatial analysis. The platform also offers an API service for seamless integration with various analytical tools, ensuring flexibility in workflows. DhineuHub empowers users, be it data analysts, scientists, or business professionals, to effortlessly turn raw data into actionable insights. With its user-friendly interface and geospatial capabilities, DhineuHub is a comprehensive solution for streamlined data analysis and decision-making.

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Micro Finance is a basic financial/banking service such as loans, savings accounting and insurances to provide financial support to individuals or group of low-income but economically active people.

Our MicrofinApp is cloud based platform for micro finance service providers to manage their daily business along with advance analytical tools, which helps them to grow their business digitally.

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MCGIS – a cutting-edge Municipal GIS solution designed to revolutionize urban management. Our MCGIS platform offers an analytical dashboard that empowers informed decision-making. With an integrated problem event log system, effortlessly track and resolve issues. Engage our innovative voice global search for swift data retrieval. Experience precision with our measurement tools for accurate spatial analysis.

MCGIS boasts a robust user module ensuring seamless interaction and access control. Dive into its versatility through multiple layers like ward boundaries, road layouts, and more. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine municipal management through advanced geospatial technology.

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Introducing GeoField, your ultimate solution for streamlined geo surveys! This powerful app simplifies surveying with seamless point, line, and polygon drawing, coupled with easy data editing capabilities. GeoField goes beyond with a convenient web interface for admin data viewing and robust user management features. Effortlessly conduct surveys, edit data on-the-go, and empower your team with a comprehensive geo-surveying experience. Elevate your fieldwork efficiency with GeoField – the go-to app for precision and simplicity in geo surveys.

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AMSnxt is stand for next generation apartment and asset management solution. The application enables you to manage your properties in a simple, intuitive, and engaging way. We have also designed the entire platform so that you don’t have to worry about managing your properties, it will take care of everything for you.

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